Why do I need an audio receiver?

If you have an entertainment system in your home, then having a home audio receiver is definitely a plus. It can boost audio and video signals from the other theater pieces.

Typically, home audio receivers are added with a lot of other incredible functions. So, you need an audio receiver.

The multi zone capability is among its key functions. Multi zone describes the function of having the ability to send signal from the chief source to another system or audio set situated in a different area.

While somebody sees a movie in one room inclusive with extraordinary surround sounds, others can listen to music in a CD player in the next room.

What makes it remarkable is that the DVD and CD player are linked and managed from the same receiver, however as different entities. Why you need a receiver for surround sound?

Key Functions

There are specific times where just the audio is used for the second zone in multi zone abilities. At the same time, the home audio receiver is able to send out and get signals from both and audio and video source in the primary room.

Video capacities are tailored just for merged video signals. This suggests that parts linked to the receiver through analog connections can be linked once again for a second and 3rd zone.

The boosted surround sound can just be experienced in the primary room. You need to use speakers without receiver.

There are links in the receiver that enables you to get on the 7.1 channel present in the primary room and the speakers that boost the remainder of the 2 zones. You can even change from a 7.1 channel to a 5.1 channel zones through the primary receiver.


Execution of the multi zone function is through running the 5.1 channel in the primary room and at the same time, utilizing other 2 channels, that are generally for the function of back speakers and triggering the second zone.