Integrated Amplifier vs Stereo Receiver

An amplifier is a versatile device

Today, the principle of choosing between these devices is becoming more relevant. Audiophiles in this matter divided their preferences in half. Some of them believe that you can get high-quality and powerful sound without an amplifier. In this case, the question of which device is still better remaining relevant. In this article, we will talk in more detail about the principles of operation of the amplifier and receiver.

What is the receiver?

A receiver is a device inherently similar to a multi-channel amplifier. Moreover, it further comprises digital stream decoders. It is possible to choose one of the devices in which the sound distribution can vary from 6, 7 to eight channels. The latter is characteristic of a subwoofer and satellite. In the market for technical innovations, you can find models of receivers with tuners. With their help, you can additionally receive radio broadcasts. And for example, when comparing in the same price categories we can conclude that average receivers under 2000 $ are better in sound reproduction than best integrated amplifiers under 2000 $. However, please note that the main goal of the device is to amplify the signal, which is not only used when watching a movie.choosing between these devices is becoming more relevant

What is the amplifier?

An amplifier is a versatile device that is used to increase the sound power output. It has small dimensions and roughly corresponds to the size of a regular DVD player. More recently, a mono amplifier was very popular, but today you can hardly find it on sale. From the market, it was almost completely replaced by a stereo amplifier. It is much more interesting to listen to the multifaceted sound of any composition.sound composition

For example, you play music. You must first connect an AV receiver, which only functions normally when there is a stereo pair. Naturally, additional channels will not be used. As a result, you will spend extra money that will in no way improve the perception of music. In this case, it is best to make an appropriate replacement with an amplifier.

For professional movie buffs, only the receiver can deliver the expected sound quality. Music can also be played on this device in the future.

An important role is played by the choice of all equipment for reproducing audio signals. This is a nuance that must be taken into account when compiling the entire system. A music lover should first become familiar with all the features of their TV and speakers. Audiophile knows that it is best to opt for a universal device. Therefore, before making the final purchase, it is necessary to prioritize.