Can listening to music through headphones cause headaches?


With more and more people using earphones to listen to their preferred songs, we have been seeing a boost in headaches. Despite the fact that headaches can have a lot of different causes, can listening to music through headphones cause headaches?

In the past, noise-induced hearing loss usually impacted commercial employees because they experienced extended direct exposure to extreme levels of sound with minimal or non-existent protective devices.

There are now stringent limitations on occupational sound direct exposure and many medico legal claims have been submitted as an outcome of regulation.

The common use of personal music players has drastically increased our leisure sound direct exposure, and research recommends there may be some cause for issue as headphones give me headaches.

The issue is not simply restricted to kids and teens either; grownups listen to loud music too.

According to the World Health Organization hearing loss is already among the leading reasons for special needs in grownups worldwide, and noise-induced hearing loss is its second-largest cause.


This is a stressing pattern thinking about the extensive use of these gadgets as wearing headphones cause headaches if it is used too much.

Even a minor hearing loss can adversely affect a child’s language development and scholastic accomplishment.

This is of substantial issue thinking about some studies have reported a 70% increased danger of hearing loss connected with use of personal music players in main school-aged kids.

What’s excessive?

Usually, 85 decibels and above is considered the level where sound direct exposure can trigger irreversible damage.

Listening at this level for around 8 hours is most likely to lead to irreversible hearing loss. What’s more, as the volume increases, the quantity of time needed to trigger irreversible damage reductions.

Some mobile phones and music players permit you to set your own maximum volume limitations. Restricting the output to 85 decibels is an excellent concept if you’re a regular user and worth protecting your hearing.

It may also be rewarding preventing apps that instantly increase the volume when environmental sound boosts. Taking breaks to prevent ongoing sound direct exposure will also help in reducing your threat of harming your hearing.

Eventually, the response to the question can earphones trigger headaches differs from individual to individual. It is also mentioned in these studies that you can get headaches and even migraines simply because you are using earphones for a long period of time.

These are normally due to the design of the earphones that tend to put excessive pressure on your ears and temples. Despite the fact that you may have already experienced this sort of headaches, you most likely didn’t know the earphones were the cause.