Is charging overnight bad for phone?

There are a lot of questions about cell phone batteries. Should you leave your mobile phones plugged in overnight? Is charging overnight bad for phone? Bad for your security? What’s the ideal thing to do?

How much should you change your phone? When’s the correct time to plug in? Should it decrease to 0 percent each time? As much as one hundred percent?

How do you get the longest life out of the battery inside a smart device? Does it really matter if you’re just going to keep the handset around for a number of years before an upgrade?

The issue is, a few of the research and viewpoints out there are diametrically opposed that charging your phone overnight ruin the battery. We’ve limited the right and wrong things to do as best we can.

The one thing all the professionals agree upon is that mobile phones are clever enough that they do not let an overload take place. Extra protection chips inside ensure that can’t take place in a tablet or mobile phone and even a laptop.

Once the internal Lithium-ion battery strikes one hundred percent of its capability, charging stops. That typically takes place within an hour or 2, tops.

Charging battery overnight

Do not fret about this excessive. Plug the phone in (or put on the wireless battery charger) when you go to sleep; if you awaken at some point in the night, disconnect it/move it to avoid continuous trickle-charging. If you do not wake much, plug your phone into a clever plug that’s on a schedule so it switches off.

Possible issues that might be experienced while charging overnight

It is hot in here? The trickle-charge can trigger some heating up. Many specialists advise taking a phone totally out of the case to charge overnight. At least, do NOT stack a lot of crap like books or other gadgets on top of a charging gadget.